Dress of Ruinas
December 2023
30 x 30 cm - Oil on canvas
Original work
Not Available
A proposito dell'opera
The works in the "Genesis" series are a testimony to a constant and fascinating study of light and its power to convey the deepest emotions of the human soul. Every brushstroke, every nuance, and every detail are committed to the incessant search for how light interacts with our world and our inner selves.
Light, with its ability to shape forms and create evocative shadows, becomes my primary tool for exploring human emotions. In the works of the Genesis series, light manifests as a silent but powerful character, capable of transforming a simple detail into an intense emotional experience.

Light as a catalyst for gazes.
Light as a tool to narrate the deepest emotions.
Light as a space stolen from universal darkness.
Oil on canvas
30 x 30 cm
Original work
Muros - Italy
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