Emotion and Tradition
Portraits of belonging

I do not seek a detailed description of the traditional dress, rather I aim to highlight the people who feel the traditional dress is an essential part of their being.

The primordial state of the works

There is an exact moment when an idea materializes in our mind, rises from the depths of our soul, and for the first time becomes concrete, we become aware of its presence, its existence. It is the moment when the first glimmers and lights gently caress its surface and reveal it to our gaze.

Masks of Sardinia
Portraits of ancient rites

There are masks that, when you encounter them, enchant you.
They look inside you, strip you of every defense, and fill the air with magic.

There are masks that look inside you and, passing through the heart,
nourish emotions lost in time.

Wild Souls
The freedom to be special

Expressions of Life
Moments that last forever

Portraits are absolutely what I love to paint the most, I imagine because of the emotions that gazes convey. It almost feels like I can bring a painting to life, infusing it with a piece of soul.

Creating a portrait is like being watched by your own artwork.

Artistic Route
A year along the roads of Europe

Artistic Route is a concept that encompasses multiple meanings. It is a journey of inner exploration along the roads of Western Europe, but also a way of understanding painting outside the walls of a studio, constantly in touch with the surrounding world.

Lives of extraordinary beauty

There are women who have lived extraordinarily intense lives and have left deep marks of their passage in our world.

Tribute to the Sardinian masters of the 20th century

“Mastros”, a Sardinian term meaning “Masters” in Italian, is a series produced in 2021 that aims to pay tribute to five great Sardinian painters of the 20th century by reinterpreting as many extraordinary works of the masters Delitala, Floris, Ciusa Romagna, Biasi, and Figari.

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